568 - Rational homotopy theory - Spring 2016 - UIC


Time: 3:30-4:45pm TR.
Place: Taft Hall (TH) 305.

E-mail: benjamin.antieau@gmail.edu.
Course webpage: dantie1.people.uic.edu/201503-215.html.

Office hours: TBD in SEO 419.

Book: there is no book required for this course. I will be following Rational homotopy theory by FĂ©lix, Halperin, and Thomas and Rational homotopy theory and differential forms by Griffiths and Morgan.

Course objectives: to understand the connection between rational homotopy types and differential forms as well as the role of rational homotopy theory in applications in algebraic geometry, Riemannian geometry, and commutative algebra.

Lecture notes: Miscellanea: