313 - Real Analysis I - Fall 2014 - UIC


Time: 1000-1050 MWF.
Place: Lincoln Hall 315.

E-mail: benjamin.antieau@gmail.edu.
Phone: +1-312-413-3745.
Course webpage: dantie1.people.uic.edu/201403-313.html.
Course discussion site: piazza.com.

Office hours: 1100-1200 MW and 1600-1700 M in my office, SEO 418, or by appointment.

Book: Kenneth Ross, Elementary analysis: the theory of calculus, Springer, 2nd ed. We will cover the entire textbook. Lecture notes on uncountability are here: [pdf].

(Tentative) Syllabus:
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Catalogue description: 313 Analysis I. 3 hours. The real number system, limits, continuous functions, differentiability, the Riemann integral. Prerequisite(s): Grade of C or better in MATH 215 or consent of the instructor.